The private forests of Séminaire de Québec, stretching from Côte-de-Beaupré to Charlevoix, are home to two fine species, Showy Mountain Ash and Pin Cherry, that vie for space with pine, spruce, birch, and maple. ARDENTE is passionate about these woods and proud to spotlight them, crafted to sublimely astonishing perfection by creative woodworkers.

Chocolat Heart

Chocolate Heart

(Showy Mountain Ash)

Showy Mountain Ash, the “king of contrasts,” is found in forests from Atlantic Canada to Manitoba. Its heartwood is milk-chocolate brown in color, and its sapwood a creamy white. Its markings are wavy in places and sometimes reveal very delicate brown or black striations. While Showy Mountain Ash is also known as Mountain Ash, Roundwood, or Dogberry, ARDENTE calls it “Chocolate Heart” in tribute to its irresistible appeal.

Cherry Blossom Wood

Cherry Blossom Wood

(Pin Cherry)

Growing from Atlantic Canada to as far west as the Rockies, Pin Cherry is a pinkish-brown wood ringed with creamy white. Its elliptical logs with off-center pith feature an attractive, lively grain. When cut logs are planed, this especially handsome species boasts a delicious aroma, like maraschino cherries. While it is also called Wild Red Cherry or Bird Cherry, ARDENTE has simply christened it “Cherry Blossom Wood” to salute its beauty, poetry, and delicacy.

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