The founders

  • Jean-François Côté, forest engineer

    Wood, trees, and forests have long fascinated Jean-François Côté, who holds degrees in forestry and ecology. Intrigued by the exceptional qualities of little-known trees and attracted by their aesthetic appeal, he has made it his mission to tell the world about these undervalued species, giving them a veritable second life.

    Bringing a beautiful object or piece of furniture into the home is like bringing the wood to life again. Items that are thoughtfully designed—with good taste and passion—are timeless, and they’ll be cherished for generations.
  • Laura-Émilie Côté, general manager

    With a degree in marketing and administration, Laura-Émilie Côté shares her father’s vision and has teamed up with him in the entrepreneurial venture that is ARDENTE. Laura-Émilie is keenly aware of the need to practice sustainable development and for her, ARDENTE is a long-awaited opportunity to define and nurture a new generation of businesses.

    Sensitivity and feeling are often lacking in today’s world, where so much is ‘man-made’. Our products, with their fine craftsmanship and style, embody inspiration and concern for detail.

Sceau du Concours Québecois en entreprenariat
ARDENTE, Coup de cœur du jury winner, Capitale-Nationale RegionBusiness creation division, «Business Operation, Processing, Production» Category

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