Our convictions: caring about the environment and sound stewardship

Wood is a noble material. Nature nurtures its forests for decades, attending to every detail, from grain to color. It’s only right that we respect it.

ARDENTE accepts the challenge of showcasing the distinctive appeal of Showy Mountain Ash and Pin Cherry, two species that, while plentiful in Eastern Canada and the United States, might otherwise be relegated to the paper mill or wood pile. If woodworkers have thus far been relatively unfamiliar with these exceptional trees—with their slender, curving trunks—it’s only because they can’t be cut using conventional forest technology.

Respect for the environment grows out of understanding: we know how forests naturally regenerate, and how to sustainably harvest their resources. Showy Mountain Ash and Pin Cherry are critical to forest ecosystem renewal because they rapidly stabilize the woodland floor after cuts or fires. They are pioneer species, preceding and preparing the way for other commercially harvested trees.

Sound stewardship involves using environmentally friendly manufacturing and conversion processes with minimal distances between forests and workshops. All of our products come from trees whose origins are known and monitored.

We’re ardently committed to the beliefs we hold.

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